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Mother says child custody laws biased against disabled parents

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2018 | Child Custody

There are many New Jersey parents who suffer from temporary or permanent disabilities. Each situation is unique and the severity of any disability varies according to individual circumstances. A woman in another state is lobbying for changes in child custody laws that she believes are biased against disabled parents.

There are already employment laws in existence that protect workers from discrimination on the job. There are similar laws of protection in place regarding education, housing and public service industries. The woman who recently spoke in support of newly proposed legislation argues that the government needs to enact laws to offer similar protection for the parental rights of those who are disabled.

She herself is legally blind and cannot drive a car. The woman says her former husband used this fact against her in a child custody battle. The newly proposed law is designed to protect parents against legal decisions regarding their parenting ability (or lack thereof) being made solely on the basis of their disabilities.

Another woman who testified in support of the bill said her firsthand experience being discriminated against based solely on her own disability prompted her to become an attorney. She has now dedicated her life to help protect the rights of disabled parents. Any New Jersey parent currently facing child custody problems related to a parenting disability or any other issue may reach out for support by requesting a meeting with an experienced family law attorney. It is often easier to achieve successful results in court when an attorney is on hand to advocate on a parent’s behalf.

Source: CBS Denver, “‘I Am A Loving, Capable Parent’: Bill Aims To Protect Disabled Parents“, Shaun Boyd, Feb. 20, 2018


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