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Children’s father in heap of legal trouble over child support

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2018 | Child Support

It’s no secret that many New Jersey parents experience various problems regarding parenting plans when they decide to divorce. All sorts of issues need to be worked out, including those pertaining to custody, visitation and child support. One father in another state knows what it’s like to find oneself facing serious legal problems when court-ordered support goes unpaid.

The man was reportedly ordered to pay child support to his children but has been dodging his obligations for quite some time. He even had his driver’s license suspended because of the amount of child support he owed. At some point, rather than face up to his responsibilities or petition the court for modification as needed, he chose to flee to another state instead.

Authorities caught up with him there and he pleaded guilty to nonpayment of support. That resulted in a five-year prison sentence that the judge fully suspended. The judge then sentenced the father to supervised probation for five years. The final order handed down in these recent court proceedings states that the man must pay back more than $50,000 he owes in financial support to his children.

Most New Jersey parents want what’s best for their kids and take their child support obligations very seriously. It’s good to know that when changes occur in life that make payments no longer feasible, a concerned parent can request a change in an existing court order. It is never okay, however, to simply stop making payments, as made evident by this man’s particular outcome.

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