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Father of Britney Spears’ sons says he needs more child support

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2018 | Child Support

When a New Jersey court rules on financial issues or custody matters in divorce, both parents are legally obligated to adhere to the court order handed down. In certain situations, one or the other parent may seek modification of an existing court order; however, unless and until the court grants the request, the existing court order remains valid. Former pop music star Britney Spears, whose fortune has reportedly seen a resurgence in recent years, is currently trying to resolve a child support dispute with her ex-husband.

Spears has two sons, ages 11 and 12, with Kevin Federline. An existing child support agreement has Spears paying $20,000 per month to the boys, who happen to reside in full custody with their father. Federline has petitioned the court for an increase in the monthly child support amount, saying his boys’ needs are changing as they grow older.

An attorney representing Federline stated that the boys’ father believes it is right and just that his sons be able to enjoy the same standard of living under his care to which they are accustomed to with their mother. One acceptable reason for requesting an increase of child support has to do with change in income. Spears has apparently had a substantial income increase in recent years; in fact, some reports say she now makes 20 times more than she did when the initial child support plan was ordered by the court.

State guidelines vary regarding how child support payments are determined; however, most states take both parents’ incomes into consideration. If a non-custodial parent earns a much greater income than a custodial parent, it is likely to influence the court’s decision. An experienced family law attorney can assist any New Jersey parent currently facing post-divorce problems regarding custody or financial support.

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