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Soften the blow of divorce for children

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2018 | Divorce

Divorce is seldom a process without challenge. Even though the two main parties are adults, there’s typically a lot of emotional baggage being brought into the courtroom with spouses, and it’s not always easy to come away free of stress or heartache. New Jersey parents who want to help their kids come to terms with divorce are wise to consider how fragile kids’ emotions can be and how stressful it is to have to adapt to a whole new lifestyle, especially one that no longer includes both parents under one roof.

There are several things parents can do to proactively help their children rebound after divorce. One of the highest priorities is to make sure children understand that their parents’ divorce is not their fault, and that they are loved. Parents are often quick to assume their children know they love them; yet, most kids want to hear the words spoken.

It’s never a good idea to try to pretend like divorce is no big deal, especially if children are facing particular problems, such as a parent who keeps not showing up for visitation days. It’s far better to acknowledge a child’s hurt feelings, rather than try to make excuses for the other parent or minimize the severity of the situation. It’s often helpful to have a Plan B in mind as well, in case the other parent is a no-show.

Children fare best when they witness both parents being willing to cooperate and compromise for the sake of their best interests. That’s not always possible though, especially if the other parent refuses to adhere to an existing court order or otherwise tries to undermine a parent’s rights or impede the child/parent relationship in some way. An experienced family law attorney can assist any New Jersey parent facing child-related problems in divorce.

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