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Ideas for New Jersey spouses hoping for low-stress divorce

On Behalf of | May 30, 2018 | Divorce

In Hollywood movies, marital break-ups are often portrayed as long, volatile battles involving contentious courtroom fights. In real life, however, many New Jersey spouses and others are able to navigate the family justice system with little to no upset, although there may be minor challenges here or there. Every situation is unique, so achieving a low-stress divorce often depends on what type of support is available to a couple.

As is true in marriage, communication is a key factor in divorce. If spouses have trouble being in the same room without arguing, it’s a good idea to rely on legal representation to do the talking. In fact, if spouses are willing to cooperate and compromise as needed, it may be possible to negotiate a fair settlement without stepping foot inside a courtroom.

Most experienced family law attorneys are skilled negotiators who can help their clients protect their interests and overcome obstacles that may arise concerning certain issues, such as property division or child custody matters. Regarding children, parents can avoid major pitfalls if they both keep their children’s best interests in mind when developing their post-divorce parenting plans. It’s also good to remember that most children fare better in divorce if they continue to have ample time with both parents.

Divorce is typically an emotional experience, especially for New Jersey spouses and others who have been married many years. Sometimes, it helps to lean on friends and family or even to reach out for support from licensed counselors rather than keeping one’s emotions bottled up inside, which can cause stress and complicate the divorce process. Anyone currently considering filing for divorce may want to request a meeting with an experienced family law attorney.

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