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Child custody and holidays: New Jersey parents can avoid stress

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2018 | Child Custody

When a New Jersey couple with children decide to divorce, they usually expect to have to resolve various issues regarding co-parenting as it will relate to their new lifestyle. If the spouses involved get along fairly well, negotiations for parenting plans may be rather painless, although parents may still run into obstacles down the line when unforeseen complications arise. Many divorced parents have love/hate relationships with holidays, for special occasions seem to increase the risk for child custody problems.

To keep stress to a minimum, co-parents may want to keep several things in mind. First, a post-divorce parenting plan can be customized to a certain extent. Of course, the court has the final say in all child-related matters. However, parents may be as detailed as they like when discussing the terms for their parenting plans.

Regarding holidays, parents may want to write out a list of all holidays they typically celebrate. They may then designate which parent will spend which holiday with their children, thus creating a year-long schedule that helps them avoid confusion and disputes. By submitting a proposed holiday plan to the court, a judge can approve the plan and make it part of the final divorce decree.

It may not be enough to merely say that the kids will spend this or that holiday with a particular parent. To avoid stress, New Jersey parents may also want to include instructions for exact dates and times when holiday time will begin, who will pick up the kids, when, where etc. If a child custody problem arises, it does not necessarily have mean to the end of holiday fun, especially if parents know how to quickly access legal support.


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