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Child custody situation involves serious allegations

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2018 | Child Custody

Many New Jersey parents have been fortunate enough to be able to negotiate fair and satisfactory settlements in divorce — many, but not all. Some, in fact, encounter significant obstacles, especially where child custody is concerned, sometimes leading to court battles. Nicole Curtis, a star on the show “Rehab Addict,” understands that type of contention, as she is currently going through a similar situation with the father of her 2-year-old son.

Curtis is 41 years old. Shane Maguire, the father of her son, was reportedly initially open to the idea of shared custody with Curtis. However, he says certain issues have developed that have prompted him to file a petition seeking sole custody of his son. Maguire said an amicable visitation agreement is not possible with Curtis because she keeps trying to impede his relationship with his son. He cited a recent holiday situation as an example, where he had to drive to various locations over several hours’ time just to find his son and obtain custody.

In his recent court filing, Maguire stated that Curtis is unfit and is either unable or simply not willing to engage in a peaceful, shared custody arrangement. Curtis is already scheduled for a court hearing regarding a prior issue where she is accused of violating the terms of her existing co-parenting agreement. Earlier this year, Maguire also alleged that Curtis relocated to the West Coast from Michigan to try to keep him from spending time with their son. The two parents reportedly settled that dispute on their own.

While it is possible to resolve certain child custody issues without the court’s intervention, serious issues often necessitate the need for a judge’s ruling. Before heading to court, most New Jersey parents consult with experienced family law attorneys. This is often the best means for protecting one’s rights and ensuring that proceedings focus on the children’s best interests.


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