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Authorities issue public alert in child custody situation

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2018 | Child Custody

Many New Jersey parents encounter challenges when disagreements occur between them regarding where their children should reside if parents are no longer married or never were to start. Most child custody situations are resolvable and do not lead to violence of any kind. However, some disputes get out of hand and local authorities, and perhaps even federal investigators, may be called in to rectify those situations.

That is reportedly what is happening in a case in another state. A mother of four is said to be on the run with all her children and her boyfriend. Police say they consider the boyfriend a dangerous person and believe he is currently armed.

Two of the woman’s children are from one biological father and the other two are from another, neither of whom happen to be the man she is thought be traveling with at this time. Investigators believe the woman picked up her children from the care of another person because she learned that the court was possibly going to hand down a ruling that would remove the children from her custody. A public alert has been issued that includes the names and ages of each child.

New Jersey may be out of range of where the woman is believed to be headed with her kids, although all states from Ohio to Florida have been placed on alert. The man police say is involved currently has a warrant out for his arrest regarding a domestic violence charge that involves children. Child custody situations like this one often lead to criminal charges against one or more people. If a parent thinks a court’s decision is unfair, steps can be taken to appeal certain rulings; it is never a good idea to take matters into one’s own hands outside the family justice system.


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