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Wayans Jr. asks court for more parenting time

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2018 | Child Custody

Following a divorce, New Jersey parents often have court orders in place regarding custody of their children. In such circumstances, both parents must adhere to the order, unless and until the court grants a modification. If a parent believes he or she has a legitimate reason, a request to change the order may be submitted to the court. Actor Damon Wayans Jr. recently asked the court for more parenting time.

The mother of his two daughters, Basketball Wives star, Aja Metoyer, currently has primary custody of the girls during the week. However, Wayans Jr. claims his daughters’ educations are suffering because their mother has failed in her responsibility to make sure they get to school on time and that they do their homework. In fact, Wayans Jr. says his daughter was supposed to attend summer school but her mother took her on a cruise vacation instead.

Wayans Jr. has also issued statements questioning how the child support he is paying is being used. He says that the girls have a younger brother from a different father, and he questions whether the child support the boy’s father pays is being used appropriately. Also, regarding the girls’ younger brother, Wayans Jr. says his daughters are often left home alone to care for the child.

Due to these and other issues, Wayans Jr. has asked that the court grant him more parenting time so that he can make sure his girls are going to school and doing their school work. If a New Jersey parent were to make similar accusations against a co-parent, the judge overseeing the case would no doubt order an investigation to determine if the allegations are merited. In some situations, the court may deem it appropriate to modify an existing court order or to take away custody from one parent and grant it to the other.


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