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Do friends lead other friends to divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2018 | Divorce

Relationship analysts often write about various trends that seem to occur in New Jersey or other states. For instance, there has been much talk of late regarding divorce among people age 50 and beyond. Recent studies show that married couples also seem to have something else in common among their peers, that being this: When they see their friends getting divorced and moving on to new, happy lifestyles, they are more likely to get divorced themselves.

However, this does not mean that divorce is something like a virus, that one person can catch from another. It is more that seeing a friend successfully rebound after divorce may give someone who is already struggling in a marriage the confidence needed to take the next step, which, in many cases, might be divorce. Just as young couples often get married when all their peers start getting married or have babies when their friends have babies, so too do friends seem to be influenced by their peers who divorce.

It can be helpful to confide in a close friend when one is considering filing for divorce. There are often many legal challenges involved, and talking things over with someone who has already navigated the process may help avoid some of the most common pitfalls. For instance, if a spouse is worried about a future co-parenting plan, it can help to ask friends what has or has not worked for them.

An experienced New Jersey family law attorney is another great asset in divorce. While talking to a friend can help one prepare for the emotional aspects and some of the more personal issues that may lie ahead, unless a particular friend has an extensive background in family law, an attorney would be the greater source of support when problems arise in court. In fact, an attorney can advocate from start to finish to protect a client’s best interests.


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