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Some say stress can trigger domestic violence

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2018 | Domestic Violence

New Jersey families are like most others throughout the nation who have their ups and downs, good times and bad times. Some, in fact, face serious problems that stem from marital issues or other situations, such as domestic violence. There is evidence that the latter is often prompted or, at least, exacerbated by stress.

The supervisor of a domestic violence unit in another state recently discussed the topic in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. The supervisor stated that crimes often increase in a community following a natural disaster. Among such crimes, domestic violence typically ranks high on the list.

If a married couple is already having problems, soaring stress levels may intensify the issues. Domestic violence is a main factor in many divorce situations. While noting that high levels of stress can be problematic in some households, it is never a valid reason for abuse. Domestic violence is always wrong, and it is understandable (and advisable) that someone being abused or whose children are being abused would want to get as far away from the situation (and the abuser) as possible.

One county averages approximately 250 arrests per month that are related to domestic violence. Many incidents also involve drugs or alcohol. Any New Jersey resident in need of guidance regarding a domestic violence issue can turn to an experienced family law attorney for support at any time. Especially if this is a key issue in a divorce or child custody situation, an attorney can act as a personal advocate to help a parent protect his or her rights as well as his or her children’s best interests.


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