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These infidelity issues often lead to divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2018 | Divorce

Not every New Jersey marriage lasts a lifetime. Marriages end in divorce for any number of reasons. However, in many relationships, infidelity is a deal breaker. In fact, it is often the deciding factor that prompts spouses to petition the court for divorce rather than try to stick it out and resolve their marital problems.

The reasons one spouse may cheat are as varied as the reasons many couples decide to end their marriages. Nevertheless, most would agree that there were key issues in the extramarital affairs that led to their divorces. In fact, there are some common reasons people often cite as to why they cheated on their spouses.

Many people are taught to avoid confrontation in life, so they enter marriage feeling like they have to be constantly agreeable to anything and everything their spouses need or want. Such people are often afraid to voice their own opinions and wind up feeling resentful as time goes on, which often leads them to stray. Seeking intimacy with someone other than a spouse is sometimes interpreted as a means of fulfilling one’s desires or expressing oneself in a way that felt uncomfortable in the marriage.

Some New Jersey spouses who divorce because of infidelity say they were always trapped in power struggles with their spouses. It is true that some couples are able to overcome infidelity situations while many are not. The latter often find themselves in need of legal support once they determine their marriages are no longer sustainable.


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