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Woman hosts divorce party and blows up her wedding gown

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2018 | Divorce

Many New Jersey spouses will end their marriages this year. Every person copes with divorce differently. Some people decide they want to celebrate their new beginnings in life by hosting parties when the court issues its final decree that makes them legally single again.

woman in another state not only wanted to have a party to celebrate the fact that she was divorced, she wanted to give her guests a thrill. Her father and brothers came up with the idea that she should line her wedding gown with high-powered explosives, then shoot it from 200 yards away. The woman liked that idea and spent some time before the party practicing her aim.

Not only did the woman hit her target when the time came to pull the trigger, she caused an explosion that people later said was felt some 15 miles away. The woman reported feeling a great sense of relief as she watched her wedding dress get blown to bits. This means of celebrating divorce would likely not appeal to everyone but in this woman’s case, she said it was just what she needed to find closure and to move on in life.

Whether a man or woman in New Jersey chooses to host a divorce party or simply files the necessary paperwork in court and privately comes to terms with the situation, there is always a possibility that a legal complication may arise that delays finalization. If this happens, it is helpful to reach out for added support. An experienced family law attorney can review a case and provide guidance as to what may be the best course of action to overcome the obstacles at hand.


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