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Brad Pitt to share child custody with Angelina Jolie

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2018 | Child Custody

Many New Jersey parents can relate to situations where they strongly disagree with their former spouses regarding matters that concern their children. When the main issue at hand is child custody, it can be difficult to resolve the issues, especially if parents are trying to work things out on their own. It is no secret that Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been entangled in a custody battle for several years now.

The good news is that the two appear to have finally reached an agreement and have done so without going to trial. It was reported that Jolie wanted a trial but Pitt convinced her that such an experience would likely have negative psychological effects on their children and that it was in their best interest to settle out of court. As it stands, rather than continuing to have monitored visits with his children, Pitt will have joint physical and legal custody of them.

As the details of the co-parenting plan were being finalized, Pitt had been having frequent visits with his children. In fact, some say the kids were with him every other day, for at least four hours on school days and 12 hours on weekends. Pitt has stated that he wants the transition to the new plan to be as smooth and low-stress as possible for his children; therefore, monitored visits will continue for a period of six to eight weeks as they adapt to their new lifestyle.

Family courts in New Jersey favor joint child custody plans because children fare best after divorce when they have opportunity to spend ample time with both parents. Any parent who feels unable to resolve a particular dispute can ask an experienced family law attorney to litigate the issue on his or her behalf. Once the court issues an order, both parents must adhere to the terms; however, if, at any time, a change is needed, a new petition may be filed to request modification of the existing plan.


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