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Former reality TV star reportedly satisfied with divorce plan

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2018 | Divorce

New Jersey reality TV fans may remember Lizzie Rovsek, who starred with her then husband on a show about real housewives. It seems that Christian Rovsek, her now ex-husband, will be paying a substantial amount of monthly support to financially provide for her, as well as her children’s, needs. The two former spouses have also reportedly signed a divorce agreement regarding how they will raise their children.

The Rovseks’ parenting plan includes shared legal and physical custody of their two children, ages 8 and 5. As do many New Jersey parents, the Rovseks also included other issues they deemed important in their co-parenting plan. For instance, they agreed to raise their kids as Christians.

The document regarding the children’s faith states that neither parent is allowed to involve the children in any other faith practice outside of Christianity while they are minors, without mutual consent and the court’s approval. In addition to faith matters, the Rovseks have also agreed that their children are not to be exposed to second-hand smoke in either household or parents’ vehicles. Also, before either parent can introduce his or her children to a new romantic partner, the other parent must first meet the person in question.

As for financial support, the Rovseks’ plan includes both spousal and child support, which totals $10,000 per month. Strangely, the portion allotted for child support is $4,001 and $6,949 for Lizzie Rovsek’s personal financial needs. Any New Jersey parent who desires assistance in devising a fair and satisfactory co-parenting plan in divorce may rely on an experienced family law attorney for guidance.


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