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Collaborative law divorce is often easier on children

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2019 | Collaborative Law

Being a parent involves making decisions on behalf of one’s children. While most parents prefer decisions that make their kids happy, they also understand that sometimes, doing what is best for their children means making decisions that their kids might not like. Parents who divorce, for instance, often recognize that their personal choices will disrupt their children’s lives. However, the collaborative law process can help New Jersey parents keep their kids’ stress levels to a minimum as they move on to new lifestyles.

Upwards of 90 percent of collaborative settlements are successful. Of course, how one defines success in divorce depends on individual circumstances and goals, as no two situations are exactly the same. Collaborative divorce is often less expensive than litigation.

Also, when both spouses are willing to work toward peaceful resolutions to important issues, such as custody, visitation or property division, achieving an agreeable settlement often takes less time than hashing out every disagreement in court. When children see their parents’ willingness to meet and discuss what is best for them, they often have less anxiety regarding what life will be like after divorce because they know their parents are willing to cooperate and compromise for their sake. This can spawn a settlement that is good for everyone.

Any New Jersey parent who wishes to pursue a collaborative law divorce will want to connect with a family law attorney who has experience with the process. Financial experts, appraisers, child psychologists and other licensed professionals may also provide support during collaboration meetings. When spouses agree to utilize peaceful dispute resolution tools to work toward a fair settlement that keeps their children’s best interests in mind, this option can help them accomplish their goals.


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