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Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receiver seeking child custody in court

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2019 | Child Custody

Most NFL fans in New Jersey and across the country are familiar with Antonio Brown. The 30-year-old wide receiver for the Steelers is often in the limelight. This year, he has been the subject of much controversy, first regarding an incident where he supposedly had an altercation with the team’s quarterback, then regarding personal problems that have led to a child custody petition in court.

Brown is currently seeking custody of his daughter. Some time ago, the child’s mother filed a police report alleging domestic violence against Brown. However, his attorney adamantly stated that there was no merit to her accusations and that she quickly recanted her statement, knowing that she had no legal reason nor permission for being at Brown’s residence at the time.

The attorney also said the woman was asking for more child support from Brown even after the court had ruled that the current amount he pays is sufficient. Recently, Brown filed paperwork seeking physical and legal custody of his child. This is definitely not the first time a parent has accused a co-parent of domestic violence, either falsely or with evidence to support the accusation.

The New Jersey court system considers child safety the highest priority in all family law cases. If a parent believes a child’s best interests would be served by living with him or her, that parent can seek an award of child custody just as Antonio Brown has done. Every state has its own guidelines regarding such issues, so it is always best to seek clarification of state law before heading to court.


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