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When New Jersey parents divorce, their kids might struggle

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2019 | Divorce

Every new Jersey family is unique although some have a lot in common. For instance, many households in this state and others include parents who hare currently preparing for divorce proceedings. Most good parents are highly concerned about their children’s well-being and will want to keep several issues in mind that often negatively affect kids whose parents decide to go their separate ways in life.

No matter how thorough a parent might be in explaining divorce to his or her children, it is not uncommon for kids to suffer severe anxiety at the thought of no longer having both parents under the same roof. Many children internalize their parents’ marital problems; they blame themselves and, therefore, feel responsible for trying to fix things. Kids who feel this way may show symptoms of irritability or moodiness as they try to adapt to a new lifestyle.

Some children experience behavioral or social problems after their parents break up. In the past, some kids have acted out in physically aggressive ways toward others, which has led to problems in school and in their private lives, as well. If children do not feel supported or encouraged as they learn to adapt in single-parent households or when a parent remarries, it can carry over into problems during their own adulthood. Concerned parents can meet with a child’s teachers, guidance counselors or others if they need an extra hand to help a son or daughter who is struggling.

Divorce isn’t easy on parents or kids. If parents experience legal problems regarding their kids, it can make things even more difficult. Staying closely connected to an experienced New Jersey family law attorney may make it easier to overcome such obstacles when they arise.


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