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What are common myths about divorce mediators?

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2019 | Firm News

Couples in New Jersey have several options available when looking into methods for handling divorce. For example, many people turn to divorce mediators, as they can help walk you through disagreements that may happen during the process. However, there are many misconceptions about what divorce mediators can actually do for you and what their purpose is in a divorce. 

First of all, divorce mediators are not there to help fix your relationship. Many people get mediators mixed up with relationship counselors. They expect their mediator to help interpret their feelings and bridge emotional disconnects with their partner. Some may even believe a mediator can save a marriage. That is not their job, though. They are only here to help you work through disagreements related to the divorce. 

Secondly, divorce mediators cannot tell you what to do. They can only make suggestions and voice their opinions regarding what they think your next actions should be based on the information you provide. Couples should expect guidance, but should not expect mediators to make their decisions for them. You should also not anticipate them trying to “force” you into a decision. Not only is that not a mediator’s job, but they also do not have the legal power to do this. 

Mediators are intended to provide guidance as you work through arguments with your spouse during the process of the divorce. If you are curious about reading more regarding New Jersey’s divorce laws and the divorce mediation options that are available, you can view our web site here on divorce mediation to learn more. 


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