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The adoption process in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2021 | Family Law

Parents looking to adopt have a long path ahead of them but may navigate it better with the right resources and direction. The process involves training, home visits and licensing in New Jersey, and that does not include the waiting period to hear about the availability of a child.

According to the Adoption Network, United States organizations arrange the adoption of about 135,000 children per year. There is always work to do and so an organized application may help streamline the government process and get children in need to homes that want to bring them into their lives.

The preliminary steps

Parents begin with an inquiry process where they contact the Department of Children and Families. A family recruiter provides more information as well as the necessary, eligible criteria. If those interested parents proceed, the Child Protection & Permancy department reviews their application before beginning the home study process.

Home study

According to the DCF, home study involves several steps to vet a family’s capability to adopt. Prospective families engage in at least 27 hours of training to learn the specific needs of adopted children like identity issues and separation anxiety.

Other factors of home study include home visits and family interviews. Once the DCF approves, the parents register as Resource Families and wait for an available child.

Selection, placement and finalization

CP&P stay up to date with parents about prospective children and any pre-existing needs, hobbies or psychological findings they may know. If parents approve of an available child, he or she shifts to their care and a CP&P worker makes regular visits to ensure a smooth transition.

This process may take months or years for a family to work through, especially if unexpected hurdles arise. But parents with the right plan and the necessary resources may one day provide a child a happy home.


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