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Mediation can lower stress and diffuse anger in divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2021 | Mediation

No one looks forward to a bitter divorce, but it is not uncommon for a long and contentious court battle to produce that outcome.

However, couples are finding that mediation offers many advantages that include reducing the stress and anger levels associated with divorce.

Role of the mediator

A mediator is a neutral third party who does not take sides but who guides the parties as they craft their settlement agreement in an atmosphere of confidentiality and respect. The mediator keeps the discussion on track. While angry feelings may be present, especially in the early going, the mediator will help the couple replace anger with cooperation and open communication. And as positive negotiations overtake any hostility that is simmering, frustration and stress begin to fade.

Savings in time and expense

Litigation is expensive. Because couples can work directly with each other to iron out their differences and reach a suitable divorce agreement, the mediation process goes more quickly and is therefore much less costly. Complex property division is not a problem for mediation, and neither are child custody matters. When you think of how the main concerns in a divorce can drag out a traditional process in court, you can better understand mediation in terms of the savings in time, money and emotional turmoil.

Lasting settlements

Mediation offers an additional bonus in that the settlements achieved tend to last. This is because the parties communicate directly with each other, not through attorneys. Because they work together to create a divorce agreement that is satisfactory to them both, there is little reason to make a future court appearance to request changes.



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