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What is grey divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2021 | Family Law

Over the years, the general public’s opinion on divorce has undergone many changes. These days, divorce is a relatively common and well-accepted practice. In fact, more couples get divorces these days than before.

In particular, the rate of grey divorce has steadily risen for years now. What is this phenomenon, and why is it happening?

The rise of grey divorce

Forbes takes a look at the reasons that might drive grey divorcees into action. But first, what is it? Grey divorce is simply a way of referring to divorcees who are in their 50s or later. Statistically speaking, divorces often happen in earlier years of a marriage. But recent trends have shown this is steadily and surely changing.

Experts speculate the rise of grey divorce ties into a number of different factors. For one, divorce continues to find more acceptance in places across the country. In the past, a person – especially a woman – could end up judged and branded for splitting up with their spouse. Today, almost everyone knows at least one person who has gone through a divorce before.

Quality and length of life

Next, the average lifespan of the population continues to steadily climb. In other words, your 50s are not that old anymore. Plenty of people find second partners in their 50s and even later. The idea of staying in a loveless marriage for decades more is often enough to get a couple to break the knot.

As grey divorce continues to happen, the resources for future grey divorcees also grows. This makes the task much less daunting. Because of these factors, experts suggest the trend will continue on an upward bend for some time.


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