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Can you prepare your children for relocation during a divorce?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2021 | Child Custody

You may find that caring for your children and helping them adjust to the changes in your family is one of the most challenging aspects of your divorce. Depending on your situation, you may need to move and take your children with you.

Throughout the relocation process, involve your children as much as you can. Their participation may help them to feel motivated about the upcoming changes.

Assess their needs

Multiple factors will influence your children’s response to your divorce. These may include their ages, maturity and individual relationships with their parents among other things. According to The Mayo Clinic, you will need to put your children’s needs at the top of your priorities.

Talk with your children about their hopes and expectations for their new home. Make a list of their concerns about education, friends, neighborhood amenities and entertainment. You may consider having them accompany you on a tour around the new town. When your children know that you care about their needs, they may have more trust in you and in the impending move.

Maintain a consistent schedule

For your children, drastic changes to their home life and their schedules may create anxiety, uncertainty and sadness. Even though things will undoubtedly change, do your best to maintain a consistent schedule. When you start to form a new routine, stick to it as consistently as possible.

If you involve the help of family and friends to give your kids rides or care for them, inform your children of the plans each day. This way they know what to expect and can feel more at ease. Having a consistent schedule during a big move may reduce some of the uncertainty your children may otherwise feel.


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