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3 ways mediation may help improve your post-divorce finances

If you and your spouse are considering divorce, you may be deeply concerned about what your separate financial futures will look like. This may be especially true if you have young children or complex shared assets.

Unfortunately, divorce litigation by nature pits one spouse against the other. In addition to the sheer expense and time involved in the court process, feelings of antagonism can make it difficult to make clear-headed decisions. However, if you and your spouse would like to minimize conflict and cost, mediation may offer an important alternative.

1. Avoid steep legal costs

Avoiding court costs and legal fees is one of the biggest reasons couples pursue mediation. However, it is important to understand that mediation may only help to keep expenses down if you and your spouse can agree to prioritize a low-conflict separation.

2. Maintain a problem-solving attitude

A litigated divorce can feel like a zero-sum game in which one party inevitably loses out. By contrast, mediation promotes a problem-solving approach that looks to find common ground through effective communication. By fostering a cooperative approach, mediation may help you and your spouse to stay focused on pragmatic financial decisions during an emotionally stressful time.

3. Benefit from creative solutions

Your family and your divorce are unique. While a judge may have the final say if you end up in court, mediation allows you and your future ex the opportunity to explore creative solutions regarding property and business division, parenting time, support payments and more.

Mediation is not for everyone. The process requires a willingness to hear each other out and stay focused on the future’s potential, rather than the past. However, with a cooperative mindset, mediation may offer a less stressful and financially healthier alternative for you and your family.


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