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Is parallel parenting right for you?

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2021 | Child Custody

When you go through a divorce, you will also need to decide how you will handle parenting after the divorce has been finalized. Your choice should focus on what is best for your child, of course. However, it is impossible to avoid taking what will work best for you and your co-parent into consideration, too.

If you do not feel like cooperative co-parenting will work for you currently, then consider going for parallel parenting first.

What is parallel parenting?

Healthline discusses ways of creating the best possible parallel parenting plan. Parallel parenting serves as a temporary plan in the aftermath of a divorce that can allow you and your co-parent the space and time you need to adapt to life after the split. It does this by instilling distance between you both through the strict monitoring of how you communicate with one another. You can only communicate via a written medium such as text, emails or letters.

Tailoring your plan

You can still tailor your parenting plan to suit your unique needs and individual situation, too. You can decide how you will split time with your kid, establish locations for drop-offs and pick-ups, determine when you will start and end the visits, discuss how to handle cancellations, and create plans for what to do in the case that a dispute arises despite your best efforts.

Generally speaking, the idea with a parallel parenting plan is to eventually work up to a point where the judge presiding over your case will determine you can move on to a different, more cooperative form of co-parenting. The speed at which this happens will depend on your unique circumstances.


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