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What is the role of a divorce mediator?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2022 | Divorce, Mediation

Divorce mediators play a central role when people decide to opt for mediation as they seek to part from one another.

But what exactly do these mediators do? What role do they play and how do they fulfill it?

How mediation works

Forbes discusses the important figures in divorce situations. For those who opt for mediation, the divorce mediator plays a crucial role.

It is important to understand what mediation is in general and what mediators in specific do before making the decision of how to proceed with a divorce.

Mediation is very communication-heavy. In this, a person and their partner will work together with a mediator to come to an agreement on all aspects of their divorce. This includes everything from child support to alimony payments to asset division and more.

How a mediator acts

A mediator acts as the referee during these conversations. They can offer a unique perspective and useful tips, advice or even just their opinion about certain matters.

What they cannot do is impose what they think is correct or proper on the couple involved. It is the couple that will make every decision on their own, but they can freely utilize whatever input they get from the mediator.

The other crucial role of a mediator is to ensure that both parties can say their fair share without one feeling like they did not get to say what they wanted to. They can also de-escalate the situation if tempers begin to get out of hand.

Thus, mediators provide crucial support and guidance in the difficult process of divorce, making them an invaluable tool for anyone.


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