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Does wealth add antagonism to divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2022 | Divorce

Popular myth states that wealthier couples will usually fight more often and fight in more extravagant and angry ways.

While the logic behind this myth may make sense at first, it begins to fall apart when looking at the details more closely.

Wealth and arguments in divorce

Business Insider discusses that in some cases, wealth does impact divorce. For example, upper-middle-class couples earned the moniker “the fighting class” from the media due to their penchant for getting into uproarious disputes during divorce.

This may lead one to believe that the more assets a couple have, the worse their arguments will get. After all, having more assets means having more to fight over in the first place.

However, recent studies show that wealthy couples with a net worth of $5 million or more have the highest rate of amicable divorce. This means they fight less often than any other couple. But how can this be?

Assets vs. how you view assets

In short, finances do impact divorce, but they do not have as big of an impact as how the couple views those assets.

In upper-middle-class couples, a divorce could still financially ruin someone. On the other hand, very wealthy couples likely do not share this concern.

Without having to worry about financial ruin, or “losing everything” to a spouse, rich couples can face their divorce in a more civil way and avoid the explosive disputes more common in upper-middle-class wealth brackets.

Thus, finances do have an impact on vitriol and antagonism in divorce to a degree, but not in the way that many people seem to think.


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