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Business partnerships that survive a divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | Divorce

Some marriages come out of mutual respect and youthful passion. When the latter fades away, the former might still survive.

This is especially common among so-called business power couples. These people create empires together, but, upon careful consideration, might not really want to create a family together.

Determining the course forward

Many high-asset divorces involving businesses go through mediated negotiations. This typically operates best when both sides have a shared interest, which is certainly the case when both spouses want to continue succeeding in their shared venture together.

Deciding on corporate structure

People who run successful businesses have plenty of practice planning. Those skills are often useful during a divorce.

This planning might involve setting clearer roles and policies in the business now that the leaders will no longer have such complete access to one another. On a related subject, deciding how to formally organize or re-organize a business might be an important corollary to a divorce in this type of case.

Keeping things running smoothly

Even if the key leaders are undergoing a potentially stressful divorce, that does not need to affect the performance of the business. Before rumors get out of hand and lead to unproductive decisions within the team, many people in this situation prefer to take positive action. This typically involves issuing some kind of statement outlining the plan to continue running the business — even if the details have yet to come into focus.

Although the process is often emotional, divorce is very similar to the renegotiation of a contract. It outlines responsibilities, distributes assets and establishes guidelines for the relationship going forward.


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