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What is the point of a Case Information Statement?

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2023 | Divorce

When you decide to pull the plug on your New Jersey marriage, you have to file a document known as a Case Information Statement within 35 days of making your divorce filing. The document contains a multitude of important information about your earnings, assets, expenses and general lifestyle and plays a pivotal role in the New Jersey divorce process.

Per, the CIS gives the state something to reference when working through matters relating to alimony, custody, asset division and so on. Some of the information you must include on your CIS is as follows.

Your personal expenses

This section of the CIS details your regular expenses and might include everything from dry cleaning and clothing expenses to school lunch fees and hair appointments. You may also want to information here about how much you try to save each month. The point of outlining your expenses is to get a better idea of what it might take for you to maintain your current lifestyle once your divorce becomes final.

Your income

The CIS should also detail your income over the course of the past year. You may need to include paystubs or similar documentation when completing this section of the document. You should also make a note of any insurance, retirement plan or other deductions that come out of your paycheck in this section. In addition to employment income, be sure to include any information about rental income, Social Security income or anything else you receive on a regular basis.

While it is vital that you outline your expenses and income in close detail in this document, these are just two of many different areas you must address when completing the CIS.


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