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Cipriano Law Offices, P.C. and the court-approved Parenting Coordinator roster

The Parenting Coordinator Program in New Jersey operates within the family court system. It provides assistance to parents navigating post-divorce parenting challenges, aiming to reduce conflicts and promote effective co-parenting. When disagreements arise, a neutral third party—the parenting coordinator—facilitates communication and recommends solutions.

What parenting coordinators do

A parenting coordinator is a legal professional with a family law background who helps parents navigate post-divorce parenting challenges. For instance, the parenting coordinator intervenes if one parent wants to modify court-ordered visitation time and the other disagrees. Their role includes:

  • Effective communication: Focusing on the child’s best interest.
  • Reduces misunderstandings: Providing a process for parents to reach mutual compromises.
  • Reduces litigation:  Decreasing the number of court battles and the associated costs.

These benefits often lead to quicker and more effective solutions.

Finding a Parenting Coordinator

Those looking for one have two options:

  1. Choose Someone You Know: Under Court Rule 5:8D, parents can select a coordinator they trust, such as a mutual friend or community member.
  2. Use the Court’s Roster: The court can appoint a parenting coordinator from a roster of trained professionals, often attorneys, mediators, or mental health experts. These coordinators charge an hourly fee for their services.

Melissa Cipriano

One exceptional lawyer, Melissa Cipriano, is listed on the Parenting Coordinator Roster:

The Parenting Coordinator Program promotes effective co-parenting and smoother transitions for families. If you’re navigating post-divorce parenting issues, consider seeking the assistance of our qualified parenting coordinators or a parenting coordinator of your choice.


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