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3 potentially negative impacts of supervised visitation

On Behalf of | May 21, 2024 | Family Law

During a litigated divorce process involving parents of minor children, a judge makes important rulings on the allocation of parental responsibilities and visitation rights. Among these rulings, supervised visitation may be mandated, aimed at helping ensure the well-being and safety of a child.

However, this arrangement can also result in several negative impacts, including the following.

Loss of autonomy

During supervised visits, the visiting parent often feels a loss of autonomy as their interactions with their child are closely monitored and regulated by the supervisor. This loss of control over the visitation process can be emotionally distressing for the parent, who may feel scrutinized and judged in every interaction with their child. The constant presence of a supervisor can also hinder the natural flow of parent-child interaction, making it challenging for the visiting parent to establish a sense of normalcy and authority in their relationship with their child.


Both the child and the visiting parent may experience stigmatization as a result of supervised visitation. The child may feel singled out or different from their peers if they are aware of the need for supervision, leading to feelings of embarrassment or shame. Similarly, the visiting parent may feel judged or looked down upon by others due to the requirement for supervision, which can contribute to feelings of inadequacy or self-doubt.

Logistical challenges

Supervised visitation often comes with logistical challenges that can further exacerbate the stress and strain on both the visiting parent and the child. Coordinating visits around the availability of supervisors, finding suitable visitation locations, and adhering to strict schedules can be complex and time-consuming. These logistical hurdles may result in inconsistent visitation schedules, last-minute cancellations or difficulties in maintaining regular contact between the visiting parent and the child.

If you are considering divorce, seeking legal guidance can help determine if supervised visitation is likely to be a part of your custody arrangement and can provide insight into the potential impacts and challenges associated with this arrangement.


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