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3 tips for summer child custody

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2024 | Child Custody

The summer months are usually a favorite time of year for children since they don’t have school and the weather is usually nice. For parents, this can be a challenging time of year, especially for those who aren’t with the child’s other parent any longer. 

Trying to make things work during the summer months can involve several components, especially if the children are younger. These tips may be beneficial for individuals who are trying to work out the terms for child custody over the summer. 

1. Check the parenting schedule

The parenting time schedule is the backbone of the summer. This lets each parent know when they need to plan for the children. For those who have younger children, the schedule lets them know when they need to plan for child care. Throughout the summer, things may come up that require both parents to be flexible, so consider these realistically and with a mindset of doing what’s best for the children. 

2. Don’t try to fill every second with activities

While some parents are tempted to try to fill every spare moment with activities, the summer should also be a time of rest and relaxation. Quiet time at home with the kids can also be fun if they’re used for things like game time or movie nights. 

3. Encourage the children to have fun

Some children may worry that one parent will feel bad if they have fun with their other parent. To combat this, each parent should fully encourage the children to have fun with the other parent — guilt-free!

Parents who are dealing with child custody issues should ensure the parenting plan reflects the needs of the children. There are times when modifications are necessary, so consider that option when it’s clear the current plan no longer meets your family’s needs. 


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