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Child custody and parenting challenges in remote work situations

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2024 | Child Custody

What began as a necessity in 2020 – the work-from-home trend – became the arrangement of choice for many parents. The convenience and flexibility of remote work can facilitate a harmonious blend of professional and parenting responsibilities.

However, it may also create unexpected challenges. Here are two examples.

Introduces childcare disagreements

Childcare can become a contentious issue in remote work situations. The parent at home might claim they can handle work and childcare simultaneously, minimizing the need for daycare services. However, the other parent may raise a challenge, arguing that quality parenting requires undivided attention.

Invites disputes about parenting time

Parents who still commute for work may fear the other’s remote arrangements pose an unfair disadvantage. They may be concerned that unbalanced parenting time could influence their bond with the kids, potentially deepening the child’s attachment to the remote-working parent and altering the family dynamics.

Navigating Custody Agreements

Clear communication and a precise custody agreement are vital in addressing these challenges. Parents may need to reevaluate and modify their plans to accommodate the nuances of remote work. For instance, establishing set work hours and boundaries for dedicated parenting time and a fair division of childcare responsibilities.

Best interests of the child

Courts always prefer custody arrangements prioritizing the child’s best interests, ideally allowing both parents to participate fairly in their upbringing. In New Jersey, courts consider the parents’ ability to “agree, communicate and cooperate” in child-related matters. That means it serves everyone’s interests when parents collaborate.

Modifying your parenting and custody plans to reflect the evolving work habits of either or both parents can be a constructive move. Someone familiar with New Jersey child custody matters can offer invaluable guidance.


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