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Is divorce easier for the rich or the middle class?

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2020 | Divorce

During a divorce, as a person of greater means, you might look at the lives of middle-class couples and envy the simplicity. Middle-class incomes tend to be less complex and there are fewer assets to fight over. This might make it appear that middle-class divorces are easier, but are they really? 

The truth is that money has a big impact on marriages and how divorce proceedings take place. Here are some of the biggest impacts to note. 


If you believe middle-class couples might face less stress because of fewer and less complex assets, you are mostly correct. Business Insider states that it is easier to value and divide middle-income assets. However, it is also worth noting that when there are fewer assets to go around or splitting an income in two might dramatically change each person’s individual lifestyle, the might fight a lot more. 


For the precise reason mentioned above, wealthy couples often find it easier to settle their divorces compared to less wealthy colleagues. That is because even though both people might have access to fewer assets in the short run, they might retain enough to continue to live their current lifestyles and even bounce back in record time. This might become especially true when both couples bring assets to the table. 


When it comes to existing laws courts follow, there are more in place that cover lower-income and middle-income splits and child support orders. This makes it much easier to calculate support orders and settlements based on a formulaic approach. However, when it comes to high-asset divorces, judges might exercise more discretion, which can put wealthier couples at greater risk. 

So, are middle-class divorces easier? There is more to the ease of divorce than money. For instance, amicably divorcing couples with prenups and no children might have an easier divorce than anyone else, regardless of economic status. Even so, money certainly plays a significant role. 


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