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Who said finalizing a divorce has to be a sad event?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2013 | Divorce

We’re at the end of another year, looking ahead to the next. It’s a time when people start thinking about New Year’s resolutions and new beginnings. It’s a time for celebration; so why can’t those who are finalizing their divorce treat being single again as an exciting fresh start?

A newly single 31-year-old decided that he was done being sad over his divorce. “Now I know there’s more to life,” he said about his recent experience. This man decided to round up his closest friends and commemorate the end of his marriage with a big party in Las Vegas. This young man isn’t alone either; he is a part of a growing trend.

This divorce celebration trend has developed into a new sector of the party planning industry. A divorce party is essentially the anti-thesis to the bachelor and bachelorette parties that celebrate the last days of being single. These celebrations range from simple to extravagant, from innocent to naughty and everything in between.

Although a party might include some references to the ex, for many it isn’t about being bitter. Take one woman whose marriage ended because her husband had an extramarital affair. She chose to throw a celebration not because she was rid of him. Instead, she said she wanted “to renew [herself] and to get back to a point where [she] could be happy again.”

One divorce-party attendee said, “Life is too short. Bad things happen. You have to turn it into something positive.”

Whether throwing a party is in the plans or not, hiring a divorce attorney should be for those in Newark. A good divorce settlement can certainly help set the stage for that fresh start.

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