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What role can a parenting coordinator play in child custody matter?

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2024 | Child Custody

Going through a divorce is sometimes a contentious matter for adults. When child custody is one of the issues to be decided, everything can become particularly complicated. This is where a parenting coordinator may come into the picture.

A parenting coordinator is a professional who has gone through special training. This individual helps to manage parenting plans in high-conflict cases.

What does a parenting coordinator do?

The parenting coordinator serves as a neutral third party who helps parents navigate the complexities of co-parenting. Their responsibilities include:

  • Clarifying details of custody agreements
  • Ensuring that both parties understand and adhere to court orders
  • Making recommendations to the court when parenting plan modifications are needed

They work closely with both parents to manage daily parenting issues that arise by offering guidance and mediation to resolve conflicts without returning to court.

What are the benefits of working with a parenting coordinator?

Having a parenting coordinator involved can greatly benefit families by reducing the emotional and financial costs of ongoing litigation. Parents often find that coordinators help to establish a more cooperative environment, which can lead to more effective parenting and a better psychological outcome for the children. The presence of a neutral mediator helps to keep discussions focused and productive, reducing the stress of conflict on both the children and the parents.

Parenting coordinators help to ensure that the children’s needs remain the central focus in parental decision-making. By facilitating better communication and providing dispute resolution tools, they help parents to develop more sustainable co-parenting strategies, which can lead to long-term stability for the children.

Legal framework and professional qualifications

In New Jersey, the appointment of a parenting coordinator is governed by court rules, which also outline the qualifications and training required to serve in this role. Parenting coordinators typically have backgrounds in psychology, law, social work or a related field. They receive specific training in conflict resolution, family dynamics and the legal aspects of child custody.

Understanding the role of this professional can help parents in this position. Working with a legal representative who can assist with crafting workable parenting plan terms may reduce the stress of the situation as well.


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