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December 2014 Archives

Can biological parents have contact after adoption in New Jersey?

Adopting a child or putting a child up or adoption is a serious decision that has important legal and life impacts for everyone involved. The defining feature of adoption that separates it from other kinds of care, such as foster care, is the complete, permanent and irreversible transfer of all parental rights from the biological parents to the adoptive parents. By definition, this means that the biological parents lose all rights regarding the child. This includes any right to contact with the child.

Dividing retirement plans in a divorce

While a person may have invested in and contributed to a 401 (k) plan without the aid of a spouse, the spouse may still be entitled to a portion of 401 (k) assets when a divorce occurs. New Jersey is an equitable distribution state, which means each party in the divorce should receive a fair but not necessarily equal share of marital assets.

Divorced New Jersey parents must pay child's college tuition

A New Jersey judge has ordered the divorced parents of a 21-year-old daughter to pay a portion of her tuition at an out-of-state college, even though they say she is estranged from them. The court ordered them to pay $16,000 of her Temple University bill this year and to pay her future tuition.

Encouraging numbers on divorce rates

It is a common misconception among New Jersey residents that roughly half of American marriages result in a divorce. However, while there may have been some truth to these discouraging statistics in recent decades, new data indicates that things may be changing.

How is property divided in New Jersey?

Many couples do not think about what constitutes community and separate property until going through a divorce, but it may be important to consider what possessions and assets one is bringing into a marriage. When a couple in New Jersey divorces, each spouse keeps separate property and will usually be awarded a fair share of marital assets.

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