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How to avoid incurring a large divorce bill

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2015 | Divorce

When the topic of divorce arises, many people associate it with an expensive attorney bill. While some divorcing couples rack up high costs, family law attorneys say that it does not have to be that way. Spouses who are divorcing in New Jersey could avoid doing certain things so that their overall bill is lower.

Although it appears that attorneys determine how much couples spend on divorces, the spouses have more control over their bills than they believe if they are honest throughout the process, stay calm and avoid common mistakes. One common mistake is not being open to compromise and flexibility on some issues. Spouses who argue about which of them will pay a certain monthly bill regarding their children are only extending the amount of time that their attorneys spend on their cases. This means that their divorce bill continues to rise. Rather than argue over who will pay, the spouses could split the payments.

Similarly, fighting about less important parenting matters also drags out the amount of time that attorneys have to spend on a divorce settlement. Some spouses, for example, might argue over the exact times that they will exchange their children. Many attorneys suggest that it is not worth the money to use their services in this way. Another thing for spouses to avoid is going to their attorneys with their emotional problems. Instead, it is recommended that spouses hire therapists or talk to close relatives and friends.

While matters such as property distribution sometimes warrant arguments and negotiations between spouses’ attorneys, small issues such as which of them keeps the silverware may not warrant the extra cost. Some spouses could even negotiate and create a divorce settlement between themselves, but they need to be able to communicate for this to work.


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