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New Jersey divorce could be affected by infidelity

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2015 | Family Law

There are many factors that could play into a New Jersey couple deciding to divorce. They may find that they have grown apart or no longer share the same values; in some cases, infidelity may have occurred. Such situations can be difficult to work through, and as a result, many parties may wish to move forward with divorce. If this is the case, they may wish to find out more information on related proceedings.

Some individuals may be considering their options after information was recently leaked from a website. The website, known as Ashley Madison, reportedly allowed individuals to create accounts that would help them have extramarital affairs. This information was illegally leaked, but nonetheless, the names of numerous clients who purportedly used the site have been released.

This information could cause considerable hardships for many marriages. Infidelity could be considered during divorce proceedings if individuals wish to move forward with a fault-based divorce in New Jersey. Additionally, such information could play a role in child custody proceedings and other aspects of the divorce process depending on the circumstances and how the website information and/or infidelity affected the family.

Deciding to move forward with divorce can be a difficult decision for many New Jersey residents. In many cases, parties may wish to work through their issues, but for others, the problems or indiscretions may be too difficult to face. If individuals are interested in learning more about their divorce options, information is available for residents who wish to better understand how infidelity could play a role in divorce proceedings.

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