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New Jersey child support sweep leads to arrests

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2015 | Child Support

After going through divorce, some parents may be required to make child support payments. If New Jersey residents have a difficult time paying child support, they could potentially face serious consequences due to missed payments. It was recently reported that five areas in the state underwent a sweep in order to take parents into custody who were behind on their child support payments.

Reports stated that authorities took 15 individuals into custody due to not making their required payments. It was noted that the amount of money that had not been paid combined to a total of nearly $420,000. One individual in that group owed nearly $88,000 alone. An additional seven people also turned themselves in after the sweep for back child support, and the amount that has gone unpaid by those individuals reportedly totaled approximately $172,000.

Police in the area stated that they hoped these sweeps would act as encouragement to other individuals who may need to make payments. This type of action shows that parties will face consequences if they get significantly behind on the support they should be paying. The individuals involved in this sweep now face court appearances to respond to the official accusations.

In some cases, parties who are required to make payments may have issues preventing them from making payments. They may have lost their jobs, had their income otherwise reduced or face other problems that hinder their ability to pay. If New Jersey residents are facing such circumstances, they may wish to consider seeking a child support modification that could possibly help them in reducing their payments to an amount that is more fitting for their income and ability to pay.

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