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Parental concerns may lead to child custody modifications

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2016 | Child Custody

Child custody agreements can often leave parents wanting. Even if the agreements may seem suited to the circumstances of the moment, changes may come about in the future that result in parents and children alike becoming unhappy with the child custody arrangements. New Jersey residents may be interested in such a situation involving Madonna, her ex-husband and their son.

It was reported that the ex-couple are currently having disagreements regarding where their 15-year-old son should live. The teen is currently living in London with his father, and Madonna lives in the United States. An agreement was originally reached in 2008, but concerns have arisen regarding the best interests of the son. Madonna stated that she is worried about the influence her ex-husband may have on her son.

Reports also stated that the teen has expressed to his attorney that the situation is causing him considerable stress. For the time being, a judge ruled that the boy can stay in London. It was noted that another court date has been set for June in order for the terms to be reviewed further.

When parents are concerned about the welfare of their children, custody arrangements may amplify those concerns due to not seeing the children every day. If a parent feels that the custody terms are negatively affecting the children, that parent may wish to consider petitioning the court for child custody modifications. Changes in circumstances may warrant such modifications, and if New Jersey residents feel as if changes could benefit their child, they may wish to find out more information on how to take such action.

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