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How property distribution impacts New Jersey parents in divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2018 | Divorce

Many New Jersey households rely on dual incomes. Many others consist of families where only one parent goes outside the home to work. When married couples that include a stay-at-home parent decide to divorce, the court takes certain factors into consideration when ruling on property distribution issues. This is often a major concern for spouses who have held paid jobs for many years.

There are nine states throughout the nation that continue to operate under community property laws in divorce, meaning all marital assets are split 50/50. New Jersey is not one of those states. Like a majority of states, New Jersey oversees divorce by using equitable property division guidelines.

A stay-at-home parent may not necessarily be earning an income like the main breadwinner in the family. However, the court recognizes the tremendous contribution an at-home parent makes in providing for his or her family. A concerned spouse can seek guidance from an experienced family law attorney to make sure his or her best interests are protected in divorce.

A judge has the final say regarding all property distribution matters, such as which spouse will retain ownership of the house. If a New Jersey spouse is worried about a particular issue, he or she can discuss the situation with someone well-versed in state divorce laws, preferably someone who has successfully helped others navigate the process. In addition to property issues, an experienced attorney is prepared to address all aspects of divorce, including those related to child custody, visitation and alimony as well.


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