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Mediation may result in a quick and painless marriage dissolution

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2020 | Mediation

Considering Mediation for Divorce

Two spouses who have lived together for several years generally know when it is time for one of them to move out. When a couple has also lived apart and grown accustomed to the arrangement, they may prefer a quick process for dissolving their marriage. 

Mediation provides spouses with a way to settle their legal matters and go their separate ways. Unlike going to court, the process offers a painless way to negotiate the end of a marriage on each individual’s hoped-for terms. 

A neutral third-party can help two spouses reach a fair agreement on marital issues without litigation, as described by Forbes magazine. Common issues involved in severing the relationship include property division, child custody and financial support. 

New Jersey’s divorce distribution laws generally divide a couple’s marital assets fairly between the two spouses. When a couple does not own property or they can reach an out-of-court agreement regarding ownership rights, mediation may enable the marriage dissolution to proceed smoothly. 

In marriage dissolutions involving minor children, mediation could help effectively negotiate a favorable visitation schedule. Co-parenting plans have become popular in the Garden State, and a shared custody agreement outlines the conditions regarding when a parent has a say in a child’s life decisions. 

As reported by MarketWatch, planning and setting goals in advance helps prepare for a customized and mutually agreeable custody arrangement. A parent may wish to have more involvement in a child’s educational, religious or extracurricular activities. The ability to discuss these issues without the intervention of a family court judge may help produce a more personalized outcome. 

Agreeing on financial support is another issue that could benefit from the mediation process. Negotiating a payment arrangement on a couple’s terms rather than the court’s may result in a child or spousal support arrangement that accommodates everyone’s needs. 


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