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What are the known benefits of joint custody?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2022 | Family Law

Joint custody has gained a good reputation over the years. Numerous studies pinpoint it as the best option for divorcing parents without extenuating circumstances.

What are the benefits touted for joint custody? How do they help both parents and children of divorce?

Benefits for children

The National Library of Medicine discusses the benefits associated with joint custody for both children and parents.

As far as children go, it provides a more stable structure growing up. They have two parents to rely on and lean on, and two parental presences in their everyday life.

Studies across the board show that children who experience joint custody have numerous benefits compared to their peers who experience sole custody. This includes earlier development of healthy coping mechanisms that last into adulthood and stronger, healthier interpersonal bonds.

These children also have fewer mental health issues related to the divorce directly. This includes depression, anxiety, and even trauma or stressor-based disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder.

Benefits for parents

As for parents, they have two primary benefits. The first is splitting the work of parenting. As much as parents love their children, it is a labor of love to raise them. Two people working together to share the burden will allow both parents to function in a better way, with less stress and anxiety.

Additionally, it allows them to preserve their parental ties and relationship with their child, nurturing it over the years. This healthy parent-child bond benefits everyone equally and is one of the best points of joint custody.


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