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The most common obstacles to a successful mediation

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2023 | Mediation

Couples often do as much as possible to avoid a long and contentious divorce. Mediation often saves time, money and stress. Plus, the parties can gain more control over the final result and avoid dealing with the court system.

However, mediation may not work well if one side makes mistakes or creates unnecessary challenges. The following information shares obstacles to mediation that couples can avoid.

Not preparing

The process can take longer than necessary if both parties do not prepare well. At first glance, each side may believe they agree on details about property division, spousal support and child custody.

Still, digging into the particulars can bring to light factors that one or the other did not fully consider and create complications that eat up time and add to the cost of the process. Both parties should prepare the appropriate documents and try to thoroughly understand the facts beforehand.

Not being flexible

Mediation exists to help reasonable people work things out without court interference. An unwillingness to budge on issues can hinder progress and may result in litigation anyway.

Each party should try to determine what items they can bend on. Certain issues will naturally be dealbreakers, but it is a good idea to limit those items to focus on what is most important.

Not disclosing all assets

Just because the case is not in court does not mean a person can get away with deceit. Divorce creates a contract with stipulations, and negotiating in bad faith still leaves a person liable to penalties that include fines and imprisonment.

Mediation can work when the parties enter into it with open eyes and handle the process correctly. As with any major life adjustment, a person should watch out for common pitfalls before proceeding.


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