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What Is a Parenting Coordinator in New Jersey?

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2023 | Child Custody

Sharing custody is often very stressful for the parents involved. Not only do they have to make their schedules work with one another’s, but they also have to agree on key decisions about their children. Parents have control over what religion their children practice, what schools they attend and what medical care they receive.

When parents no longer live together and parent as a cohesive unit, they are more likely to end up arguing with one another about their parental responsibilities. Sometimes, those going through a divorce or sharing custody in New Jersey can benefit from the support of a Parenting Coordinator.

What exactly does a Parenting Coordinator do?

Parenting Coordinators help relieve the pressure on the New Jersey family court system. Traditionally, disagreements about parenting time or decision-making matters would often end up in family court again. If one parent wants more time with the children, for example, they may propose a custody modification that grants them more overnight time with their children.

If the parents cannot compromise with each other, then their only option would historically have been litigation. Either parent can file a request for a hearing, and the dispute could very well take months to resolve. Going through the courts again could also cause further damage to the co-parenting relationship.

New Jersey Parenting Coordinators can help reduce the strain on state services while helping adults act in the best interests of their children. These specially-trained professionals often have a background in family law. They can help parents review and interpret their parenting plans. They can provide guidance about how to uphold the parenting plan.

Sometimes, they can offer suggestions about communication styles or conflict resolution. Other times, they actively help resolve disputes between the parents. Parenting coordinators, just like family law judges, typically try to act in the best interests of children. Families can sometimes request the support of a Parenting Coordinator. Other times, the New Jersey family courts may order them to work with a Parenting Coordinator.

Understanding the different professionals who play a role in family law matters in New Jersey can help adults better utilize the systems in place for the benefit of their families.


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