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Why might you need a forensic accountant when divorcing?

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2023 | Divorce

You cannot afford to be complacent in a divorce, especially when it comes to your finances. Under certain circumstances, bringing in a forensic accountant is necessary to help protect your interests and rights.

What are these circumstances, and what does a forensic accountant do?

Not everyone is honest during divorce

When litigating a divorce, each spouse must present the court with a full list of their assets, but some do not disclose everything. They conceal things and hope that by doing so, they’ll get to keep more for themselves rather than splitting it with their soon-to-be ex-spouse.

A spouse who is hiding assets may have moved to do so only recently when the divorce was decided upon, or they might have been doing it for years behind their spouse’s back. Either way, uncovering their deceit will be crucial for their spouse to stand a chance of getting their fair share. A judge might even give them more than their fair share to punish the deceitful spouse for their actions.

A forensic accountant can be helpful in tracking down details. They are trained and practiced in uncovering financial betrayal. They know the sort of clues and anomalies in financial records that could indicate wrongdoing, and they know where to look for them. What’s more, they can compile that evidence into a dossier for you to present to the judge, and, if needed, testify on the matter.

With proper legal guidance, you can learn more about how the property division process works and understand whether you need to bring in a forensic accountant to bolster your case and protect your rights.


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