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Are you a good fit for divorce mediation?

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2024 | Mediation

Let’s face it – the prospect of ending a relationship with someone you vowed to spend the rest of your life with can be disheartening. Doing so in court doesn’t make things any better. This explains why more and more couples are opting for divorce mediation. 

Divorce mediation allows a divorcing couple to negotiate and settle the terms of the divorce with the help of a neutral mediator. Done right, mediation can help couples reach a working solution on contentious subjects like child support and custody as well as property division. However, no two divorce cases are the same – and this means that divorce mediation may not work for every couple. So, how do you know you are a good fit for divorce mediation?

You are willing to put your personal differences aside

Divorce mediation is all about teamwork. Both parties must be willing to set their personal interests aside for the common good (like the best interests of the children, if you have some). This can only happen when you and your spouse are willing to focus on the bigger picture – ending things amicably. If you can keep your emotions under control and have meaningful conversations on critical subjects like child custody, property division and spousal support, then divorce mediation might work for you. 

Both parties are forthright

The importance of trust during divorce mediation cannot be overstated. For this to happen, both parties must be forthright. You cannot blackmail your spouse, hide assets or keep walking back on your word. If either party is manipulative or untrustworthy, then divorce mediation will simply not work for you. 

Mediation can help you dissolve your marriage without going through a protracted court process. However, it is not for every couple. Understanding your obligations and entitlements during this difficult time can help you realize a favorable outcome while mediating your divorce. 


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