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Damage control during divorce: Protecting your reputation

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2024 | Divorce

The stigma associated with divorce has largely faded – but that doesn’t mean a divorce can’t damage both your personal and professional reputation.

When a divorce turns acrimonious and ugly allegations start flying, you may feel like a public spectacle. People you know may also treat you differently, and your professional practice may suffer by association.

What can you do about it? Consider these options:

1. Ask for a social media agreement 

A social media agreement is basically an agreement both parties make about social media use while the divorce is in process. If your spouse is willing, you can agree not to disparage each other or discuss the details of the divorce process online through Facebook or any other platform. While it’s always wise to refrain from social media posts during a divorce, a formal agreement may stop someone from making a post when mere warnings won’t.

2. Go through mediation

A divorce is always going to be more private if you and your spouse can work out all the necessary agreements without a judge’s intervention. Mediation can do wonders to help couples find a way to resolve what may seem like an impossible conflict. Mediation can also foster the cooperative spirit that couples with children need to develop an effective co-parenting relationship.

3.  Hire a private judge

If you still cannot find a way to resolve things with your spouse by agreement, you may want to consider a private judge. Private judges can be hired to adjudicate divorces, but they do so outside of the regular (public) court system. 

In a war of words, almost nobody gets away unscathed. If you want to keep the details of your divorce quiet, address your concerns early in the process.


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