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Signs divorce is about to happen

On Behalf of | May 3, 2018 | Divorce

In New Jersey and across the country, no two marriages are exactly the same. It’s often difficult to say for sure what makes one marriage last a lifetime while another does not survive. But some people say it is possible to tell if a spouse is thinking about filing for divorce.

A blogger who often writes about divorce topics claims there are usually signs that a spouse is ready to call it quits. A major sign is that one partner stops communicating with the other. It is different from “the silent treatment” that one spouse may resort to during an argument. In this case, the spouse thinking about divorce simply quits arguing or interacting with the other spouse.

A spouse getting ready to file divorce papers may be focused on personal appearance more than usual. Updating a wardrobe, dropping a good 15 pounds and/or buying a membership at a local gym may be about more than simply wanting to look and feel healthy. It may be a sign that he or she is contemplating filing for divorce.

Financial interest where there once was none is also a possible signal that a spouse is heading for divorce. If a person has already decided to get a divorce, there may be little or nothing the other spouse can do to stop it. However, the other spouse can take steps to be as prepared as possible by learning more about personal rights, applicable state laws and other important issues. A New Jersey spouse concerned with such matters can reach out for support from an experienced family law attorney.

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